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Simply Spectacular!

We’re not just:

  • Another Amazon seller’s software.

  • An analytics software

  • An accounting software

  • A profit estimating software

  • An inventory management software

  • A PPC Software

All of the above might be part of the Simpletrics software but we’re much much much (​one more time? much…​) more than that.

Simpletrics reports include:

  • Every single transaction made from your amazon account
  • Orders amount and Sales amount
  • Stock, Bsr, and Cost price
  • Storage fee, Fba fee, and Referral fee
  • Any added fee you have like shipping promotions/ giveaways /listing setup/ etc.
  • Total sales number and sales percentage accumulated from ads
  • ACOS and TACOS (average cost of total sales..)
  • Ad spent, Coupons 
  • Lightning deals and Promotions
  • Profit of shipped units
  • Estimated profit after all units are shipped
  • Rating numbers and Rating averages
  • Your special notes
  • And so much more.

Simpletrics reports can be filtered by:

  • Month, Day, Week
  • By ASIN, SKU, least sales
  • Most sales
  • Most profit and Least profit
  • Least spent and Most spent
  • And so much more.

Simpletrics reports help you see if:

  • Your business is in the green or in the red
  • If your business has a trend down or has a trend up
  • If all products are performing well
  • If some products are bleeding
  • If its time to spend more or cut spending
  • If more sales bring you more profit
  • If fewer sales bring you more profit (interesting…)
  • If recent actions taken by you were good or bad
  • And so much more…

Simpletrics reports are:

  • Accurate, Detailed, and Sharp
  • Sleek and Clean
  • Extremely organized
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to memorize
  • Easy to read

Simpletrics is used by Amazon’s top private label sellers

To help them make the right business decisions, to catch the business loopholes on time,  and to keep their business growing. 

We brought you all the scattered information on amazon on one page to easily navigate and understand.

Some Add-on Benefits

Estimate Profit

We help you to estimate the profit based on real-time basis.

Detailed Analytics

Details analysis for each and every Amazon Product.

Historical Amazon Data

Sync all your possible historical data from Amazon and that too in just a few mins.

Thanks to Simpletrics, I can make the best possible decisions for my Amazon business. It gives nothing but a clear insight of my business. It has lots of tools that help me check data about my products and my sales at any time period I want may it be today, yesterday, last week, last month or last year. I would definitely recommend Simpletrics.

Gregory Willis

I am so happy I found out about Simpletrics. Before, keeping track of all the data I need for my business was a nightmare. I had to spend all my time and energy figuring out what’s happening with my amazon business. But now, I have Simpletrics. Everything I need is just a click away.

Luis Rogers

It’s 100% effective and efficient. If you’re looking for the perfect data analytics software, Simpletrics is for you. After using it, my business improved drastically because I knew exactly what I needed to do to boost my business. It showed me where the problems are coming from and how to replicate the success for my other products.

Thomas Weaver

Simpletrics is the only software I trust for data analytics. I check it daily to see how my business is doing. When I wake up in the morning, it is the first thing I do. Thank you for putting such a great product out into the world. I can’t imagine what it’s like without Simpletrics.

Adam Wood

I’ve tried a lot of Amazon softwares and  so far, Simpletrics is the best one for me. You’ll know a software is good when you use it every single day. It provides extraordinary tools that give you the competitive edge from other Amazon sellers. I assure you, you’ll never go wrong with Simpletrics.

Israel Miller


2+ Years of data, Purchase Orders, Campaign keywords, Parent ASIN grouping, FTP, and much more!



  • 3 User/Filter

  • 100 SKUs

  • 1500 Orders

  • 2 Stores

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  • 7 User/Filter

  • 1000 SKUs

  • 5000 Orders

  • 3 Stores

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  • 10 User/Filter

  • 2000 SKUs

  • 10000 Orders

  • 4 Stores

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  • 20 User/Filter

  • 5000 SKUs

  • 30000 Orders

  • 5 Stores

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  • Unlimited Users

  • Unlimited SKUs

  • Unlimited Orders

  • Unlimited Stores

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All plans extra charges per month for overages, Additional 5 Users/Filter $24.99, Additional 1000 SKUs $9.99, Additional 1000 Orders $14.99, Additional  Stores $14.99/store

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